Book Three – Foundation & Fulfillment of the Old & New Covenant Scriptures

Book Three, Foundation & Fulfillment of the Old & New Covenant Scriptures: One Book – One People, retraces the information and study in Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage, and goes much deeper in terms of knowledge and context of both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures. Book One was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with ten large pieces. This book systematically creates the same picture with a hundred pieces. And when you’re finished, you will be able to see more evidence of how the Bible fits together as a consistent, unified whole.

Relevance and Application

Book Two, Identifying Biblical Israel Today, creates relevance and application as to who Israel is today. Now, when you go back through the Bible, you will know who it’s about. This knowledge is going to help you make much more sense of the Bible because you can identify God’s covenant people today and their biblical heritage.

One Book – One People

Foundation & Fulfillment of the Old & New Covenant Scriptures draws from a comprehensive list of main topics to help us bring together the unity and consistency of the Old and New Covenant Scriptures. It takes common threads of major biblical themes that weave through the two main divisions (Old and New Testaments) to demonstrate that the Bible is one unified, non-contradictory story of one covenant family. The Old Testament lays the foundation and the New Testament is the fulfillment. In other words, the New Testament is the Old Testament fulfilled exclusively in and through the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Questions Answered

In Foundation & Fulfillment of the Old & New Covenant Scriptures, you will find the undeniable fulfillment of the key teachings of the Old Testament part of the Bible in the New – all directly related to the same physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Some of the common connections you will find in both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures include:

  • What people fulfilled all the covenant promises to Abraham that he would become a great nation?
  • Who were the people that God married in the New Covenant Scriptures?
  • What people needed to be justified by the perfect fulfillment of the Law in Jesus Christ?
  • What people were reconciled to God and to each other through Jesus Christ?
  • What people exclusively comprised the churches in the New Covenant Scriptures?
  • What people were identified as the sheep?
  • Who were the chosen, foreknown and predestined according to the Bible?

Find the answers to these questions in Foundation & Fulfillment of the Old & New Covenant Scriptures and prove it to yourself. We hope the Bible will become a living book as you see God’s hand working in and through His anointed covenant people – the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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Book Three Testimonials

“Everything you always wanted to know about Abraham and the Abrahamic Covenant (and more!) is detailed with precise commentary in Volume 3. At this point in the Covenant Heritage Series, the scales begin to fall from the reader’s eyes and the blindness is lifted for those with eyes to see.” – Mark D., KY

“Similar sentiments as in Book Two: Unlike other books tracing Israelite heritage, as I proceeded into and through Book Three, I was clearly being taken down a path of new understanding that had a logical, systematic progression leading to an important conclusion that happens to be all about the purpose for us being on this earth and having life. At this point in the series, this has become an exciting adventure, where I look forward in anxious anticipation to the next book in the series. Each chapter ending with summaries and a review of what was learned is a great approach.” – FL, MI

“Are the people known as Jews today God’s chosen people? Have Christians been wrong in their concepts and application of the Covenants and Promises to Israel? This book by Dr. Blanchard will carefully instruct and explain the Abrahamic Covenants to the seed of Isaac and dispel the myth of Spiritual Israel. Words have meaning. Meaning bonded with truth is a burst of light that is often lacking in today’s corrupted, politically-correct gospel known as Judeo-Christianity. Read this dynamic book and emerge in the True Christian Faith.” – Pastor Dave Barley, ID