Have you ever wondered: 

Who is telling the Truth?  How can I find the Truth for myself?

Are you puzzled why there are so many different “Christian” denominations and churches who have so many different and conflicting beliefs?

Do you wonder why Christianity has failed to positively influence and effect godly and moral change in America? Is something wrong?

Do you believe that there is a way to more accurately and consistently interpret the Bible as to what it says and means?

Do you feel like you have a good grasp of what the Bible says and means? Would you like to master the Bible?

Would you like to know how the Bible is put together and how all the key people, events and covenants are linked together?

Would you like to know for yourself what the Bible is all about?

Would you be willing to take a fresh look at what the Bible actually says and means?

If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, keep reading.

Bible Mastery Boot Camp

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is a revolutionary, step-by-step systematic training course of study that can help you put together the many pieces of the Bible puzzle. It can help you make sense of all the key people, the covenants, and events of the Bible in a consistent, unified picture.

This is a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground training course in four Modules that opens up a fresh new understanding of what the Bible actually says and means. After you have completed the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, you may never read and study the Bible in the same way again. You will grow in your mastery of it.

The Secret

Why is this so different from the many hundreds of Bible studies available today? Because we have found the secret of how to approach the Bible. The Bible Mastery

Boot Camp takes you through an easy to understand course in a historical approach that helps you discover for yourself to whom the Bible is written and what it’s all about.

You will be able to understand how it’s all put together. And when you discover that, you may better be able to know who you are and how you may fit into God’s ultimate purpose you.

The Modules

To learn more about what each Module has to offer, click on the module name below.  This course needs to be taken in consecutive order. So Module One is a per-requisite for Module Two, and so forth.

Module One:  “Laying the Foundation”

Module Two:  “Evidence of Israel’s Identity”

Module Three:  “Foundation in the Old & Fulfillment in the New”

Module Four:  “God’s Covenant Creation”

Please note:  The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is best employed on a desktop device.  It is not designed to be used on a cell phone due to the nature of the course.