Module Four

God’s Covenant Creation

Prerequisite:  Module Three

The purpose of Module Four is to offer a fresh alternate perspective for understanding Genesis 1-11.

Through understanding gained from the previous Modules in this series, we now we have the advantage of a more comprehensive knowledge of the context of Genesis 12 through Revelation to shed light upon the specific text of Genesis 1-11. And the broader the context, the more accurate the interpretation.  For example, does the story of Abraham’s covenant family, as revealed through the Old and New Covenant Scriptures, shed light on the creation and purpose of Adam or the famous Noah’s Flood and the Towel of Babel events? We will discuss how the biblical context of Genesis 12 through Revelation specifically relates to and interprets Genesis 1-11.

No longer do we have to try to figure out Genesis 1-11 as an isolated text apart from the rest of the Bible. We can take what we discovered in Modules One through Three and let the Scripture interpret itself. By this approach we will be able to see the non-contradictory unity and consistency of the entire Bible beginning with Genesis 1.

The Issues

This approach will also help us work through all the various views and issues concerning the contemporary hot topics we will encounter in the creation account, Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel events such as:

  • Is the creation account a literal description of how God created the planet or does it refer to something else?
  • Who was Adam? Was he the first father of all the races?
  • Was Noah’s Flood a local or global flood?
  • At the Tower of Babel, when the people scattered and separated from each other, did these people change into different races?

The implications of Genesis 1-11 are critical. And the most prominent one is about race and how we can make sense of the parts and whole of Genesis 1-11. Rather than assuming what the majority of modern Christianity believes to be fact about the origin of the races from Adam, we will instead examine the popular views in light of the biblical context. Our objective is to examine Genesis 1-11 and discover the best answer as to what it says according to the context and evidenced facts with the fewest contradictions.

For sure, there are many issues that arise in Genesis 1-11 and we will not attempt to address and answer all of them.  Our objective, once again, is to handle the major issues as they relate to the overall context of the whole Bible.

We believe Module Four will challenge you to think about your life. Indeed, God’s Covenant Creation may be the most serious and enlightening study you have encountered thus far in your personal quest for ultimate significance and purpose. If you find, at the end of this module, that the information has been fairly presented and that it is true, correct and certain, then it will demand a personal response. You may not have all the answers immediately, but you will have enough knowledge and understanding to take the next step forward in your life.

What You Will Learn

SECTION 1:   Adam’s Covenant Race

Class 1             God’s Covenant Family                                                                   

Class 2             Who Was Adam?                                                                    

Class 3             First Law of Nature: Kind after Kind                                              

Class 4             The Language of the Flood Event                                             

Class 5             The Flood in Matthew and Luke                                                   

Class 6             The Tower of Babel Event                      

Class 7             The Genesis Creation Story                                                  

Class 8             The Covenant World – Part 1

Class 9             The Covenant World – Part 2                                    

SECTION 3:   Adam’s Covenant Mandate

Class 10           Adam’s Dominion Mandate                                              

Class 11           Adam’s Dominion Mandate Promised in Abraham              

Class 12           Adam’s Dominion Mandate Conditionally Promised in Israel and Restored in Jesus Christ 

Class 13           Adam’s Dominion Mandate Established in a Transformed Life – Part 1

Class 14           Adam’s Dominion Mandate Established in a Transformed Life – Part 2

Class 15           Adam’s Dominion Mandate Realized Through Local Churches – Part 1  

Class 16           Adam’s Dominion Mandate Realized Through Local Churches – Part 2

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We believe Module Four, God’s Covenant Creation, will help you continue to grow in your mastery of the Bible and you may see the world system as it is from a biblical perspective and change your life forever.

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