Module Three

Foundation in the Old  & Fulfillment in the New

Prerequisite:  Module Two

Module Three follows Modules One and Two in sequence on purpose. It essentially retraces what you learned in Module One and goes much deeper in terms of knowledge and context of both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures. Module One, Laying the Foundation, was like putting together a picture puzzle with ten large pieces. Module Three systematically creates the same picture with a hundred pieces. And when you’re finished, you will be able to see more evidence of how the Bible fits together as a consistent, unified whole.

Module Three also flows from Module Two, Evidences of Israel’s Identity Today, because it creates relevance and application as to who Israel is today. Now, when you go back through the Bible, you will know who it’s about. This knowledge is going to help you make much more sense of the Bible because you can identify God’s covenant people each step of the way through biblical history.

Module Three helps us bring together the unity and consistency of the Old and New Covenant Scriptures with even greater clarity. It takes common threads of major biblical themes that weave through the two main divisions (Old and New Testaments) to demonstrate that the Bible is one unified, non-contradictory story of one covenant family. The Old Testament (Covenant) lays the foundation and the New Testament (Covenant) is the fulfillment. In other words, the New Testament is the Old Testament fulfilled exclusively in and through the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed,

The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.

What You Will Learn

SECTION 1:   Foundation & Fulfillment of the Abrahamic Promises

Class 1            To Become a Great Nation                             

Class 2            To Become a Blessing to All the Families of the Earth                            

Class 3            To Become a Blessing to All the Nations of the Earth

Class 4            To Become Many Nations – Part 1

Class 5            To Become Many Nations – Part 2

Class 6            To Become Kings

Class 7            To Inherit the Land

Class 8            To Possess the Gate of Their Enemies                              

SECTION 2:   Foundation & Fulfillment of the Covenant of Marriage

Class 9            The Covenant of Marriage Between God and Israel                             

Class 10          Restoration of the Covenant of Marriage                            

Class 11          The Fulfillment of the Covenant of Marriage                              

SECTION 3:   Foundation & Fulfillment of the Covenant of Law and the Covenant with David

Class 12         The Covenant of Law: Foundation and Fulfillment                                     

Class 13         The Covenant with David: Foundation and Fulfillment                                      

SECTION 4:   Foundation & Fulfillment of the Restoration of Israel

Class 14         The Promised Reconciliation of Israel and Its Fulfillment                            

Class 15         The Church in the Old and New Covenant Scriptures – Part 1     

Class 16         The Church in the Old and New Covenant Scriptures – Part 2                         

Class 17         Identifying the Shepherd and the Sheep of the Bible                              

Class 18         The Chosen, Elect and Predestined of God    

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