Our Mission To provide sound Biblical education to teach and equip God’s Covenant People, giving them a Biblical foundation to assist them in manifesting God’s Kingdom in their local communities and the nations God has placed them in.

My name is Lawrence Blanchard and I am the creator and instructor of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. These boot camps represent the culmination of over 40 years of study and research in the Bible and other related fields. The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is designed to help God’s covenant people grasp a more accurate understanding of the true nature and purpose of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as revealed in the Bible, history and science. I don’t claim perfection or error-free analysis and am quite willing to consider constructive criticism where it can be proven I am wrong. I’ve taken great care to produce these boot camps based on my books, the Covenant Heritage Series doing due diligence to be true, correct and certain as to what the Bible says and what it means by what it says.

I became a follower of Jesus Christ at age 21. Although my life’s purpose was not exactly clear at the beginning of my Christian walk, I had an intent interest in the study of God’s written word. I attended a Baptist church and read Bible-based books and even completed Bible correspondence courses on my own. I attended graduate school at Denver Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1979. After seminary, I ministered for six years at Faith Academy, a school for missionaries’ children in the Philippines.