My name is Lawrence Blanchard. I am the creator and instructor of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp teaching and training series. I am also the author of the Covenant Heritage Series, which are the textbooks that accompany the Bible Mastery Boot Camp Modules with more advanced teaching.

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp and the Covenant Heritage Series represent the culmination of over 40 years of study and research in the Bible and other related fields. My purpose in publishing these materials is to help God’s Covenant People grasp a more accurate understanding of what the Bible says and means for themselves.

I have been able to accomplish this by using a very simple, but totally logical and unique approach. I just help people follow the story of the Bible, integrating all the key historical people, key events, and key covenants. The result is an unforced and sequential history that offers a consistent, non-contradictory understanding of the entire Bible.

At the conclusion of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp and the Covenant Heritage Series, I believe your eyes will be opened to the biblical story you never knew and which is not being taught today in Christian churches.

I pray that the God of grace, who opened my mind and heart, will do the same for you. May He use these materials as instruments to teach His true Covenant People so that they may also discover and rejoice in their inheritance and purpose for why God created them!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

Numbers 6:22-27