Covenant Heritage Series

The Covenant Heritage Series is a series of books designed to help you understand what the Bible says and to consider what it means by what it says. Each book builds on the previous book to provide a comprehensive, but easy to follow, historical approach to the Bible.   In addition, they address important questions and implications about the present condition and future reality of the United States of America and all the nations of western civilization.

Taken together, these books follow the unfolding plan and purpose of God for a covenant family from Genesis to Revelation. They seek to help restore the lost and relatively unknown and often suppressed heritage and divinely-ordained purpose of these covenant people.

Transform Your Thinking 

These books are designed to make you think!

More accurately, to cause you to re-think about what the Bible actually says and means. Not what others think it says and means, or what you assume it says and means, or what you would like it to say and mean, but what it simply says and means.

Do you have the courage to learn how to study the Bible for yourself, even if you discover truths contrary to what you currently believe to be true?

If the Bible, comprised of the Old and New Testaments, is indeed the God-breathed word of the living God, then the reading and study of it should be one of the most important occupations of your life. To know for yourself what it says and means should be at the top of your priority list. Do you agree with that?

Ignorant of What the Bible Says

The truth is that most professing “Christians” (Protestants or Catholics) are biblically ignorant. They don’t know what the Bible says and they don’t know how to find that out. They have to rely on what they are taught by their pastor or priest.

Some would consider themselves atheists or agnostics and believe that the Bible is just a bunch of myths. Maybe that’s because they never had it presented in a way that makes sense.

As a student of the Bible for the past 40 years, I boldly and without hesitation declare that the majority opinion about what the Bible says and means is, for the most part, not correct.

Despite all the scholarship, seminary and Bible schools, all the available Bibles in all their modern versions, all the TV and radio Christian broadcasts, all the churches, all the books on almost every possible topic – despite all these, there has been a failure to grasp the unity and consistency of the Bible as to what it actually says and means and make sense of it.

Two Major Problems

We have missed the mark so badly in major areas of biblical understanding primarily because we have failed to connect the key people, covenants and events of the Bible into one cohesive, non-contradictory whole from Genesis to Revelation. We have made, and continue to make, two major mistakes that have resulted in misunderstanding the written word of God. First, we have not been absolutely strict enough to consistently apply well- recognized and accepted principles of interpretation.

Second, we have allowed prevailing, but unproven assumptions to dictate and color what the Bible says and means. Assumptions like: God loves everybody.  Here is another assumption:  the people who call themselves “Jews” today are God’s chosen people. (Yes, these books do challenge those assumptions.)

Are you offended that I would dare challenge these assumptions? Let me ask you though, Can you prove those assumptions from the evidence of the Scripture and from history?

What if you discovered clear and certain evidence these assumptions are not true, correct and certain? And I will go further. If you believe those assumptions, 70% of the Bible is closed to your understanding!

What these books do is to carefully and systematically put together the Bible to help you understand it. And when you are finished, you will see the big picture as to how the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob set forth and carried out His Kingdom plan to accomplish His purpose to rule and reign in justice and peace. Even after reading Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage (Book One), you will be able to see it and it will blow your mind.

Test Yourself on These Bible Questions

Let’s find out if you know the answers to these Bible questions:

  • Can you explain the nature of the Abrahamic covenant promises in respect to the unfolding plan of God to establish His Kingdom revealed throughout the entire Bible?
  • Do you know the critical difference and relationship between the covenant promises to Abraham and the Old or Mosaic Covenant?
  • Do you know the relationship between the covenant promises God gave to Abraham and the New Covenant in Jesus Christ?
  • Can you explain the significance of what happened to the house of Judah and the house of Israel in respect to their relationship to God and the establishment of His Kingdom?
  • Can you name the parties to the New Covenant according to what the Bible actually says (without looking at the Bible)?
  • Can you correctly identify the so-called “Gentiles” according to the Apostle Paul (in Romans 9:22-26) and the Apostle Peter (in I Peter 2:9-10)?
  • Can you identify to whom all the Abrahamic covenant promises were fulfilled?
  • Can you correctly identify who the church is comprised of according to the Bible?
  • Can you explain, according to the Bible, how all the races originated from Adam?
  • Can you correctly identify where the term “nations” is first used in the Bible and who those “nations” are?
  • Can you explain the significance for the biblical genealogies from Genesis 5-11 (from Adam to Noah) in respect to the covenant promises to Abraham and the Kingdom of God.

I submit that most pastors cannot correctly answer these questions by the evidence from the Bible. In fact, most “Bible scholars” confidently give the wrong answers because they base these answers on wrong, unproven assumptions. The Bible has been the most misunderstood Book in the world – until now!

The books  in the Covenant Heritage Series will help you to find the answers to each question and much more. How? Through a careful, systematic teaching of the evidence verified by consistent application of accepted principles of interpretation. The Covenant Heritage Series is a step-by-step systematic training that transforms ordinary people into Bible masters – Guaranteed!  And these books are very readable too.

What you will find is a very different perspective and understanding of the entire Bible that comes from a unique approach to the Bible. What is that approach? I lay the Bible out in consecutive order in an easy-to-understand story. As the story unfolds, you will see it all connect together and it will become a living Book.

Your Life Purpose

But beyond making you actually think about what the Bible says and means, these books will help you to also think deeply about the purpose of your life.

You will understand the Bible like you may have never understood it before – whether you are a scholar or a complete novice.  In that understanding, you may find a renewed purpose for your life. If you are floundering in finding the real purpose and significance of your life and searching for direction in your life, take a look at these books.

You were created to know and live in ultimate purpose – a purpose worth living and dying for. I know there is a deep longing in many people to find this – a deep longing to be truly fulfilled.

But to find it, you have to find the truth about what the Creator God has said and what He has done. And you have to find out whether you are a part of that truth and that story.

Do you know who you are and why you have been created? Do you know what you are supposed to be doing with your life? Have you found the answer that you KNOW is the answer you have been searching for? Have you found LIFE itself?

To begin the journey to find these answers, you must first understand accurate, verifiable biblical theology – who God has revealed Himself to be, what He has said, what He has done, and what He intends to do in our present time. Do you understand this? Do you want to be a part of this? Would you like a road-map to help you find your way?

If you could find the ultimate answers for your life, would you be willing to risk your family, your friends, your job – your life? Are you sure?

I believe the Covenant Heritage Series can help you! These books are not casual reading. They are to be studied and tested. In the end, you must own the truth for yourself. You must know for sure.

Do you want a free introduction of each book in the Covenant Heritage Series? Just keep reading about each book below and click on the link under each book for the free .pdf download.

About Each Book in the Series

Here is a brief synopsis of each book in the Covenant Heritage Series in order:

Book One – Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation (shows the unfolding plan of God and how all the key people, events and covenants of the Bible are all connected together in a unified, consistent story).  $17.00 + S&H.
ISBN 978-0-9714328-2-6
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Book Two – Identifying Biblical Israel Today: The Evidence (traces the migrations, heraldry, and languages from biblical Israel to the present day and presents the best available information as to who the Jews are today).  $37.00 + S&H.
ISBN 978-0-9714328-4-0
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Book Three: The Foundation and Fulfillment of The Old and New Covenant Scriptures: One Book – One People (goes deeper into Scripture beyond Book One to show how the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament with unforced unity and consistency).  $24.00 + S&H.
ISBN 978-0-9714328-5-7
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Book Four: God’s Covenant Creation: Adam’s Race and Mandate (a study of the meaning of Genesis 1-11 in the context of the rest of the Bible and an introduction as to God’s purpose for creating Adam and who he was).  $37.00 + S&H.
ISBN 978-0-9714328-6-4
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Set of Books One-Four: $103.50 plus S&H.

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And if you do decide to order any of these books, I would like to hear from you. I want to know what you think and how it has impacted your life.

May God bless you as you seek the truth!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv, Author of the Covenant Heritage Series

What Others Have Said About the Covenant Heritage Series

“I have been excited about the Covenant Heritage Series since Lawrence Blanchard and I first discussed his idea several years ago. Since Blanchard is one of the very few Bible scholars I know that passionately places truth above denominational doctrines, mainstream opinion, or even creeds, I knew his work would be ground-breaking.  I share the author’s conviction that the Word cannot be understood outside the Covenant made between God and man. The Covenant Heritage Series stands alone as the first, true attempt to force the believer to “reboot” by starting from the very beginning of the Inspired Word, and working to the very end, in the context of Covenant.” – Brad in Indiana

“We are living in a time of great apostasy. We are living in a time of great disbelief. It is a world that is full of deceit and deception. For all of my life I have been on a journey to find the church that was teaching the truth. What a journey it has been. There are so many different kinds of churches that call themselves Christians; but that they all are can’t be right. Why? Because they teach opposing doctrine; they even say that they are the only ones who have the truth. There are Calvinists vs. Arminian; Universalists vs. Heirs of the Covenant; there are Catholics, Roman and Greek Orthodox; Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Pilgrims, Puritans, Church of England, Church of Christ, Holiness, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Science, Pentecostals, Calvary Chapel, Presbyterians, Four Square Gospel, Israel Identity, etc. Most, if not all of these denominations have split into a myriad of sects too.

“The Covenant Heritage Series is a series that will identify what the Bible is actually saying. Dr. Blanchard takes the time to look at enough of the verses on his topics to enable the student to reach his own conclusion. The reader is forced to come to one of two conclusions:

  1. This is what the Bible says, and I believe it.
  2. This is what the Bible says, and I don’t or won’t believe it.

“Dr. Blanchard is a graduate of Denver Theological Seminary. It [promoted] the wrong doctrine; but it did teach him the importance of the language of the Bible. He illustrates this by showing the reader what the words (Hebrew and Greek) mean in English. I am appalled to see young children put into the pulpit to preach; the same is true with women; and the same is true with men who preach without a basic knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Where are all the great teachers, evangelists and preachers of the land?

“The Bible tells us to beware of the wolves that will come into the sheep fold. How do you tell? This is the importance of Dr. Blanchard’s books: They explain very clearly what the Bible teaches. It is more than John 3:16 or Acts 2:4, for it is the story of the covenant that God made with a man, his son, and his grandson and his seed. Who is that seed is the question that the Bible supplies with the correct answer. And the answer will make your kinsman redemption and the history of your people finally make sense!

“I trust that all interested readers will take the time to read these books and learn what the Bible is actually teaching us. Needless to say, I believe you have written a standard for all the Christian churches. This is what they must believe.” – Pastor Don Elmore, KY

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32). Do you truly seek the truth or are you content to exist along with those others who assume they already know it? If you are one of the true seekers of the Truth from within (a real identity … not merely a mental concept), then I’d like to highly recommend a series of books destined to change the lives of those who are still “lost” in this increasingly-challenged culture, and especially those in secular religion.

“From the opening chapter of Book One: Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage through Book Four: God’s Covenant Creation, Mr. Blanchard has offered a well-written, finely detailed and exceptionally well-organized exegesis on what I consider to be two fundamental, but critical questions for all “Lost Sheep of Israel”:

  1. Who are we as a people? and
  2. Why are we here on earth?

“Not only are we comfortably-led on an eye-opening journey as a result of Mr. Blanchard’s many years of research and writing, the revealing contents are conveyed in a manner which leaves little, if any, room for possible doubt as to the Biblically-based answers provided for these two essential inquiries noted above.

“My sense is those who commit to fully reading these books will find [that] the Biblically-based, factual contents, visual aids (including detailed charts & color maps) and noteworthy reference material (as therein provided), will truly aid you in navigating through what otherwise could be perceived as a challenging (albeit controversial), and multi-faceted subject.

“If you truly yearn to more fully understand what is conceivably your true Covenant heritage and identity in Christ as clearly outlined in scripture from Genesis through Revelation, (along with a better understanding why secular religion … more specifically ‘Christianity’ as a whole, has yet to truly fulfill its original ‘mission statement’ as commissioned by Jesus Himself), then I highly recommend you consider one or all four of these initial books by Mr. Blanchard. Not only are they truly revealing, confirming and inspirational, I believe the contents will assist those on a quest for a renewed understanding of God’s true Covenant People Israel (while also revealing those who say they are but are NOT!). One will then either continue existing in the lie of the traditional or secular teachings OR experience an exciting new hope and liberty … a true ‘paradigm shift,’ as one comes to embrace and experience their true racial and spiritual heritage as outlined in scripture from Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob AND ultimately through Christ Jesus within … who is the Way to the Truth, which is HIS Covenant LIFE!” – Alan C. – OH