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Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation

by Lawrence Blanchard

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The Bible is the most misunderstood Book in the world – until now!  The Bible is not that difficult to understand.  It didn’t use to be that way for me. Honestly, even as a seminary graduate and studying and teaching the Bible for the next 20 years after school, it was still difficult to try to put together all the many books and letters in the Bible into an easy-to-grasp, unified and consistent way. But something changed.  That was then and this is now. Today, I do understand it better than ever and am still learning new insights. I found the secret to understand what the Bible says and I’ve written about it in Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation.

The Secret

This is how I began to make sense of the Bible as a whole. I began to read it as a story. I took all the key people and events and lined them up in history. It was like creating a puzzle – taking all the big pieces and putting them together to make a picture.  It sounds too simple, but putting everything together like that was not an easy task. It took me the last 15 years to do this and do it right.

The Book

That’s what Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage is about. Not only will this help open the Bible to your understanding as it did mine, but you will begin to see new truths that are not taught in the vast majority of churches, Bible schools or seminaries. These truths will cause you to rethink what the Bible says and what it means by what it says. This book will make you think about the critical importance of heritage – perhaps your heritage.

The Importance of Heritage

American poet Carl Sandburg wrote:
“When a nation goes down . . . a society perishes, one condition may always be found. They forgot where they came from.”  We are experiencing a break-neck speed moral and lawful decline in our nation and many others. Could it be because we have misunderstood the Bible and not rightly discerned that it speaks on a people with a heritage from God Himself?

The Challenge

Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage lays the biblical foundation to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bible is about one people and for one people. The modern doctrine that the Bible is inclusive of everyone is patently FALSE! Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage throws down the gauntlet to all professing Christians or anyone else to prove it wrong. As a matter of fact, I make a guaranteed offer on this book that you can read about in a free pdf download, New Breakthrough In Understand The Bible. (See offer in right sidebar.)

Only the Beginning

But this book, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage, is only the beginning of a seven-book series that goes deeper into the Bible and history to provide the knowledge and understanding of, not only the true identity of the covenant people of the Bible, but the biblical solutions that can resolve our critical national and global problems – with POWER.

Modern Christian Failure

It’s past time to confess that modern Christian theology is a failure. Why? Because much of the teaching is not the truth. I submit that modern teaching is not biblically based and has resulted in throwing us so completely off course, we don’t have the knowledge and understanding to figure out why we are even in this mess. Stop ranting and raving about the problems! The churches are a failure because they have lost their authority! Time to start over!

Tell the Truth

I boldly submit that there is an answer – a beginning to return to the ancient paths and biblical teaching that is true, correct and certain. Order your copy of Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage today. It tells the truth about what the Bible says and what it means by what it says.

Truth Fears No Investigation

What you may find to be true, correct and certain after you read Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage may be quite different from what you have once believed or been taught. You might even find it uncomfortable. This book is definitely not for the fainthearted. If you consider yourself a hearty truth-seeker then read this book. Let me ask you something. If you discovered a new truth you have never seen before, would you be willing to reconsider what you previously believed and keep digging for more truth? If so, read this book and test it!

What You Will Learn

In Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage you will learn:

  • Why God’s unconditional covenant with Abraham is foundational to all the rest of the covenants of the Bible;
  • The historical and critical relevance of the two houses within the nation of Israel;
  • The exclusive beneficiaries of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ; and
  • The biblical identity of the “Jews” and “Gentiles” as it relates to Abraham and his physical descendants.

The Story of Your Heritage?

 Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage will also lay the foundation for you to begin to consider if you and your family tree is a part of that story – literally! Does your heritage start back in ancient biblical times? This book will be a beginning step toward your own search.

The Bottom Line

Let’s get down to the heart of  Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage. I’m going to give it to you straight up. The Bible is the unfolding revelation of God’s purpose and plan to establish and manifest His Kingdom through unconditional covenant promises to one man and his physical offspring.

Until that is understood, by examining the biblical evidence of the historical sequence of God’s working in and through this one man’s family line through covenant relationship, the meaning of the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation is closed to your understanding as to what it says and what it means by what it says.

 Take the Opportunity

The Covenant Heritage Series is a step-by-step systematic training that transforms ordinary people into Bible masters – Guaranteed! Here’s your chance to find out for yourself. I encourage you, no, I provoke you to start training to become a Bible master. The first step is order this first book and read it. Why wait?

Book One Testimonials

“I finished the first book, and I am now going to take some time over the weekend to re-read it again, study, and review.  The comparative charts and “word meaning” text boxes are GREAT learning devices that balance out and reinforce the text. Regarding the irrefutable evidence of scriptural revelation you present in this book, you know, it is very hard not to get angry; but to be honest, I am. So I hope God will forgive me. Surely He knows my heart.  This is an incredible teaching shedding much light on the truth of our people, Israel. God Bless you and all involved for the long hours and very hard work that must have gone into this to reveal the truth of Biblical scripture in such an easy flowing, intelligible, and comprehensive teaching. How much I have been blessed just by this first book! Sadly, it appears we are living in a church age of deliberate deception. For what reason? I just don’t understand? This is the most wonderful Good News! As you present the evidences of scripture, it is more than obvious, and convincing, beyond any doubt, what is truly meant. I’m very grateful to you both.” – JT

“I have read with great pleasure the first two books in your series. I am amazed at the depth of your research and the clearly understandable writing in these books. I have just read your book LAYING THE FOUNDATION, Book One of your Covenant Heritage Series.  While I was aware of the Covenant Promises to Abraham, your book has given me a much clearer understanding of who the Tribes of Israel were, how they were divided into the two kingdoms, and dispersed into the Nations AND who are the Tribes of Israel in the modern world.  I have a new insight into God’s covenants with His people and how they apply to me and to my life as a Christian believer.  Your book is written in a clear, easy reading format and it has given me a better understanding of God’s plan for the ages as revealed in His Word.  Thank you.   I look forward to reading the other books in your series.” – John B.

“It is imperative that any “volume one” in a teaching series of books establishes an unimpeachable foundation that supports future installments. It must be simple enough for a child to understand and interestingly compelling for serious adult study. It is the challenge of an author of such a work as this to combine the milk of the Word and the strong meat of the Word together. Lawrence Blanchard has successfully navigated the reader in a course of basic sequences that leads to a dynamic perspective of the Bible that has always been there, but seldom noticed, until now. Volume one of the Covenant Heritage Series is a breakthrough of revelation, critical for this day and age, to understand the will of God and His purpose of life on earth.” – Pastor Mark Downey, KY

“Book I of the Covenant Heritage Series has given me a good understanding of the relationship that the [true chosen people] has held and still holds with Yahweh. The promises God made to our ancestors are still alive today and this book shows how to search out that truth in the Scriptures through a comprehensive study of relevant Scriptures and a clear explanation of the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel.” – Lindsey B., WA

“At first, I thought it was going to be too bland and fundamental, because I was already well-read on the subject of our Israelite identity. But not far into the book, I became aware that I was being taught, in a well thought-out layout, a lot of new information on the subject, and that I’d come upon a great treasure concerning the subject which contained many new insights I’d not had (not thought of nor read of) previously. And the way it was all systematically presented was new, fresh, enthralling. I also deemed it excellent in fundamental groundwork to be perfect for some close friends who were only at a very beginning of hearing about and learning about our Israelite heritage. Those basics were also presented in a unique way so as to serve as an excellent “refresher course” for information I’d learned years ago, some of which had been forgotten.” – FL, MI

“You have questions, this book has answers. What is often lacking among Christians is ‘critical Biblical thinking.’ In other words, we are to be Bereans of the Word. Properly applied and understood, the Word of God comes alive with meaning and purpose. Dr. Blanchard’s book Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation will help fuse the Word of God to your soul and awaken truth concerning God’s Covenants and Promises in ways that many would not believe possible. Read, enjoy, be blessed and absorb TRUTH.” – Pastor Dave B., ID

“Volume 1 is a good summary of the main concept of the Bible. It covers both the OT and NT. I have purchased an extra copy and given it to a friend who is attempting to study the Bible without study aids. He has used it to help understand the main concepts. He has read and reread it. Volume 1 is appropriate for that purpose and for school age students beginning their study.” – GB, NY

“Before reading Lawrence Blanchard’s fine book Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage I had read several of the classic texts on the [Covenant] message. Though they were all very good, the aftereffect was a half-forgotten and muddled mass of dense information. What sets apart Blanchard’s book from the rest is its reliance on heuristic and pedagogical strategies to optimize comprehension and retention of the material; tools that aide the reader in organizing and memorizing all the details that make up the [Covenant] position. Now when challenged by those who scoffs at ideas of God’s sovereign authority and the dominion of God’s chosen Christian-Israel People, I can give the irrefutable arguments gleaned from pages of Blanchard’s book with ease. I would not hesitate to recommend Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage to both the new [Covenant] believer as well as the veteran believer. It’s the kind of book you keep on your shelf for regular reference for many years to come.” – Matt Luckey, CA

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